Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ranma 1/2 Drinking Game!! 21+ Please

Get your drink of choice, a small 5 oz Dixie cup or shot glass and watch the show!!!

Drink one drink if:
-Ranma and Genma are fighting
-Akane is pissed off about something
-Kasumi says "Oh my!"
-Ryoga is lost
-Shampoo says "Hiya!"
-Ukyo calls Ranma "Ranma Hunny"
-Nabiki is making some remark about money
-Kodachi is cackling
-They commerical break sequence is shown (Akane chasing Ranma, Ranma lands on P-Chan, Akane is still trying to hit Ranma, Ranma sticks out his tongue, falls into a bathtub and turns into a girl)

Drink two drinks if:

-Somone pours cold water on Ranma
-Ranma shouts "What'd ya do that for?!?"
-Genma is eating or trying to scam food
-Shampoo says "Wo ai ni!"
-Sausuke appears
-Kuno calls Ranma "pigtailed girl"
-Happosai shouts "Yippee! Woo-hoo! Whatta haul! Whatta haul!"
-Soun Tendo is crying
-Akane is cooking and making people sick
-Dr. Tofu Pays a visit

Drink three drinks if:
-Another fiancee other than Shampoo, Ukyo or Akane shows up
-Ranma and one of the female characters (other than Akane) kiss
-Anyone's nude body parts (i.e. breasts, butts, etc.) are shown
-Some female character shows up wearing a bridal dress
-Any of the cast is shown as a little kid or much younger than they are now
-Ranma, Genma or Soun are beaten up for some of Happosai's mischief
-Some old boyfriend of Akane's or Kasumi's shows up

Drink everything in sight if:
-Happosai tries to stop stealing underwear voluntarily
-Ranma and Akane kiss eachother (voluntarily)
-Akane actually cooks food that doesn't make someone sick
-Shampoo is actually nice to Mousse
-Ukyo and Ryoga get together
-Tatewaki and/or Kodachi Kuno finally figures out that girl-type Ranma and boy-type Ranma are the same person
-Genma actually grows a head of hair
-Ranma and any of the female characters actually get married

Disclaimer: Please drink responsively.

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VenusGirl02 said...

Lol me thinks youll be drinking too much in that game..