Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ranma Episode 2 School is No Place For Horsing Around!

In the Morning the Saotome's had a Squable and practiced fighting before Breakfast, When Ranma left for school during an argument with Akane Ranma had gotten wet, so they stopped by the Tendo Familys doctors office, and ranma met Dr Tofu, who was such a good martial artist that he actually snuck up on ranma and surprised him! Ranma also found out that Akane like Dr. Tofu because he was a man and a well mannered gentlemen.

After Ranma returned to being a man and the Tendo's family medicine was picked up Ranma and Akane had continued on their way to school... thats when Ranma found out that all the guys want to be Akane's boy friend and that she felt that they were all immature boys and that she hates them all!

So every day at school Akane had to fight off all the guys before class because they had all agreed to themselves that if any one could defeat Akane that they had the claim to be her boy friend.

If fighting a Big mob of weakling students was not enough, at the very end Tatewaki Kuno shows up and hes the best martial artist and most renounced classmen at the school, initially he was prepared to fight Akane as usual, then he realized that there was a man standing by Akane and talking to her fairly openly, so he challenged Ranma to a fight, and it ended with cold rain as a draw with both suffering injury from each other.

The episode ends after all 3 people, Akane Ranma and Tatewaki Kuno are all standing outside class in the hall for disruptive behaviors and Kuno & Ranma resume their morning fight, looking for a safe place to fight they jump out of a 3rd story window and it is presumed Ranma will Land in a pool of Cold water, what will happen to ranma if the whole school finds out that he can change into a girl?

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