Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ranma Episode 4 Ranma and...Ranma? if its not one thing its another

The Episode begins With Ranma Having a Nightmare about kuno wanting to date and be in love with the pig tailed girl.

When Ranma and akane go to school they fight through all the classmates together because they are late from bickering with each other on there way to school.

Being that kuno would always talk about akane and the pigtailed girl Nabiki decided she would scheme a way to have fun go out and make money, so she took photos of the pig tailed girl while ranma was sleeping, nabiki also took photos of akane while she was working out.

When tatewaki kuno gave nabiki an invitation to meet, Kuno wanted nabiki to give a doll he bought to the pigtailed girl for him, nabiki told kuno that the best way to do that and talk with the pig tailed girl was to goto and talk to ranma.

When kuno spoke with ranma then, and told ranma of his love for the pig tailed girl, ranma said that kuno would never see the pigtailed girl again! this started a fight and as usual ranma won.

But ranma took some hits as well, because he was distracted during the fight when he found kuno's photos of akane and the pigtailed girl.

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